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Happy New Year From Fingerprint Depot! December 31 2013, 0 Comments

2013 was a year full of ups and downs, but there were more than a handful of moments that made it special. The Verge took the time to re-visit these moments for their lovely readers.

We wish you all a safe and wonderful New Year!


Happy Thanksgiving! November 27 2013, 0 Comments

We here at Fingerprint Depot wish you all a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving.


Fingerprinting: The Way of the Future October 01 2013, 0 Comments

The Wall Street Journal's Market Watch released a short list piece on 6 places you'll soon have to fingerprint. The list is as follows:

Starting and Customizing Your Car - Push-button ignition will no longer be the new "luxury" feature of your new ride. Soon, security measures will require your own personal identification.

Firing a Gun - A controversial matter, fingerprint recognition on guns will ensure your gun will only fire after you've unlocked it via fingerprint.

Using your home entertainment system - Ever wonder what it would be like if all your favorite channels and presets were stored away, ready to be accessed via a remote control fingerprint scan.

Entering your home, office or hotel room - Fingerprint scanners are popping up in 24 Hour Fitness gyms. It's only a matter of time before you can get one installed in your man cave.

Withdrawing money from the ATM - Even I feel uneasy just producing my bank card from my wallet in front of strangers. A fingerprint scan would put my mind a little more at ease.

Getting into your local bar - Not only will this help with keeping underage customers out of local hot spots, but it could be a cool feature in a dystopian future-themed nerd bar. Don't you think?

What do you think about this list, and how do you think today's tech industry will achieve these things? Fingerprint Depot wants to know.

Apple Unveils New iPhone with Fingerprint Scanners September 10 2013, 0 Comments

Looks like Apple has officially unveiled its latest feature, unique to their upcoming iPhone 5s. Speculation
and rumors circulated the past couple of months, revealing both Apple and Samsung were most likely dabbling
in fingerprint technology for their phones. Now, Apple has actually shown their latest iPhone model with the
feature Touch ID.

According to a CNET article by Zack Whittaker, the Touch ID will be Apple's solution to theft and security. An
iPhone user will now be able to access/unlock their phone by press their finger against the small scanner,
located on the home button. This will also keep unwanted users from accessing the phone.

Who knows what else Apple might eventually do with fingerprint technology. With medical record readers being released with fingerprint scanners, maybe medical records can be securely pulled via iPhone or maybe Massive Multiplayer Online games can have unique access via a players' fingerprints. Really, the possibilities are endless.

Medical Records on a Stick August 27 2013, 0 Comments

Tim Hornyak of Cnet wrote about the new MedicalKeyring, a device by SmartMetrick which makes your medical records available anywhere, anytime. According to Hornyak, the device is billed as having the world's smallest biometric fingerprint reader--your fingerprint being the key to acessing the records.

The keyring features a small, built in screen that displays the patient's most important medical data. Coming in at about $90, I'd say it's a pretty handy device, especially for someone with conditions which may demand emergency care such as diabetes or heart conditions.

"The device has an ARM 270MHz CPU, which processes the fingerprint scan in less than a second, and a rechargeable lithium ion battery. A related app can be used to manage contents such as X-rays, mammograms, and medical charts," Hornyak wrote.

Biometric fingerprinting is popping up in several places, including gyms and school dorms. Fingerprinting is slowly becoming more of a norm due to its speed and convenience. Is it safe to say the way of pen and paper or ID cards are on their way out? Probably not, but it's sure innovating a lot of technology relevant to today's society and standards.

(Credit: SmartMetric)

Fiberio: What's New in Fingerprinting August 13 2013, 0 Comments

It seems fingerprinting has advanced yet again in the form of tablet technology. Created by Christian Holz and Patrick Baudisch of Hasso Platner institute created the Fiberio. The Fiberio is a tablet that recognizes/reads your fingerprints as you read it. Not only can this technology be used to unlock your tablet or phone, but it can be used possibly operate an ATM without a card or password, or maybe even bring up your medical records at a hospital. It can be used to check out at your local grocery store.

According to a NBC News article by Devin Coldewey, the Fiberio relies on a projector/camera combo that puts an image on a semiopaque glass surface which watches the same surface for changes that indicate touches. This technology, of course, can't actually exist as a portable entity....for now.

I think this technology is exceptionally useful in terms for interactive software and gaming. Imagine playing a tablet role-playing game with three of your friends. Each player can log in via fingerprint, and their avatars can only be controlled by their owners' unique fingerprints. The tablet also recognizes markers, which means gamers can use small miniatures on it as well. Or imagine a 24/7 workspace, where digital documents and images can be manipulated by a specific group of employees/team members. No one can just randomly walk into the room and mess with a projects' progress. This can also be used by students.

Fingerprint Depot still does things the old fashioned way: ink and paper. But that doesn't mean we don't support the advances in our technology, our passion. We're looking forward to what the Fiberio has to offer to the consumer market.


Intelligent Fingerprinting: Fingerprint Drug Testing July 30 2013, 0 Comments

Adam Vrankulj of Biometric Update has just released an article on Intelligent Fingerprintings US patent for their technique on detecting substances within fingerprint sweat deposits.

According to Vrankulj, Intelligent Fingerprintings' device is capable of fingeprint identigfication. It analyses small amounts of sweat contained in a fingerprint to detect specific chemicals known as drug metabolites, beneficial for quick drug testing.

"The company says it's currently working towards achieving ISO 13485 accreditation and pilot production of the handheld drug-screening device is set to begin at the end of the year," said Vrankulj.

This is a pretty interesting concept. Knowing drug screenings could be done at any moment would definitely keep employees in check, while also helping with future hires. This would be a human resources dream. Fingerprinting seems to be becoming the norm for all types of screening and security, I wouldn't be surprised if fingerprinting/biometrics was implemented in the general car market in the next 5 years.

Fingerprint Depot might not have its foot in the door for the drug testing, but we do provide quality materials for ink fingerprinting.


The Fresh Prints of Southern California July 17 2013, 0 Comments

College campuses have been catching on to the safety and security of fingerprint technology. On-campus residential housing is
susceptible to unwanted entry. Unwanted entry warrents theft. College students having plenty of precious items stewn about their
dorm rooms unprotected: laptops, smartphones, tablets, and even pricey textbooks that can be sold for profit.

The University of Southern California has recently deployed fingerprint scanners at each of their dorm buildings. As of November of
last year, students gain entry by scanning their fingerprints instead of using swipe card. CR80 News published an article regarding
the topic and reported laptops being stolen due to unwanted guests "tailgaiting," the practice of entering the dorm building right after a student has swiped th‏eir card.

Although a thorough list of data hasn't been compiled yet, Keenan Cheung, the housing director at USC said no laptop thefts have been reported since the deployment of fingerprint scanners.

Fingerprint Depot acknowledges these changes in technology, with each implementation of fingerprinting, whether it's ink or digital making fingerprinting a more valid source for instant identification. Even students are benefiting from this technology. 


The Wild World of Fingerprinting July 03 2013, 0 Comments

Fingerprinting in the real world is, of course, used for identification purposes, keeping culprits’ tracked or aiding in investigations.  But fingerprinting in popular culture has taken a turn for the weird and even funny. Let’s take a short look at the wonderful world of fingerprinting in the media and pop culture.

Men In Black – Fingerprint Deletion

Everyone’s favorite rapping prince turned space cop, Will Smith, got his fingerprints burned off (or deleted) in order for them to be unidentifiable. I wonder how much that would’ve hurt had it been real.  Do you think some bored intern flpped on the fingerprint deleter to cook his grilled cheese sandwich?

Rose Hills Cemetary – Ghost Prints

Adolescence brings about many curiosities in a person’s life – one being the paranormal. A popular gallivanting activity for Southern California youth is visiting “gravity hills.” Basically, you park your car on a gravity hill, a slightly elevated portion of a road, and the car seems to roll uphill by forces unknown. Apparently, when going with trusty ol’ science, the effect is caused by a shift in perspective while the car is actually rolling downhill. Many believe this is due to ghosts of children who were somehow hit and killed by a nearby motorist.

Proof? People say to pour baby powder on your back windshield and trunk. If child-sized fingerprints appear, you were probably in the hands of the once deceased. In reality, it’s just fingerprints that have been there the whole time.

Mark Twain - Pudd’nhead's Great Collection

The titular character of Mark Twain’s 1894 novel, Puddn’head, a smart man mistakenly branded a nitwit, collects the town’s fingerprints as a hobby. All that weird fingerprinting came in handy when the prints served as an evidentiary tool in a jury trial. Imagine if Puddsy was into coins instead.

No matter what, it seems fingerprinting has become a useful practice in our every day lives – not just for government use but for entertainment use as well. Maybe Fingerprint Depot can help grow your own fingerprint collection.


Mark Twain in Nikola Tesla's lab circa 1894, the year when Puddn'head was published.

Indiana Now Requires Fingerprinting For Child Care Services June 19 2013, 0 Comments

The Indiana General Assembly created new requirements for child care programs. These include fingerprinting of all employees and national FBI background checks. All new child care programs will have to comply with the new requirements.

In an Indiana Public Media article by Brandon Smith, he reported that the requirement changes were passed by legislation during the 2013 session. Smith quoted Bureau of Child Care administrator Melanie Brizzie.

"They're also going to have to implement discipline policies that they share with the families of the children in care," she said. "They'll need to take training on child abuse prevention and detection."

Fingerprinting is entering more and more fields of services and industries as security protocols are becoming tighter and necessary in a time where schools are at such high alert for acts of violence and abuse. 

Fingerprinting ensures the safety and well-being of employers, employees, and clients. Children are a high priority in the US, and with companies like Fingerprint Depot making fingerprinting supplies readily available year-round, it shouldn't be an issue to get solid background check fingerprints done on a regular basis. 

Whether your fingerprinting needs are digital or traditional ink, the best quality products ensure accurate prints in order for the FBI or Department of Justice to give the results employers need to keep their companies safe and secure.



Who Says Fingerprints Can't Be Art? June 06 2013, 0 Comments

Vapor Sky, an American art company, has created Fingerprint Decor, their latest piece of custom-designed artwork. The pieces are unique; the customer provides their own fingerprints. The customer can choose a selection of colors and size, and are printed on high-quality stretched canvas.

"We are very excited about showing the world Fingerprint Decor, " David Inman, co-founder, Vapor Sky, said. "We have pushed ourselves to design an artwork that is more personal and versatile than our past designs, and are confident we have accomplished this with Fingerprint Decor; there is very little that is more unique than our own fingerprints.

The pieces come in a variety of size and price options with 25 color combinations, or a customer can even choose a custom color option, creating the piece as they see fit.

Although Fingerprint Depot doesn't deal with the art side of fingerprinting, it still offers tools you can use to possibly make your own fingerprint art (when you're not using them for background checks, of course). Our quality fingerprinting pads give the highest quality prints so you're not missing anything, capturing each unique fingerprint in full. The pads come with two years worth of ink, so you can roll to your hearts content.