Corn Husker's Lotion

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Corn Husker's Lotion

Corn Huskers lotion is an instant moisturizer for your hands that allows you to return to work quickly. More like a gel than a lotion, Corn Husker's lotion works great on dry hands. There are many products out there but nothing works better than Corn Husker lotion to keep your feet soft and callous free for such a small price. Provides Fast Penetrating Action Moisturizes & Softens Dry Skin Soothes The Discomfort of Irritated, Chapped, Cracked Skin Oil Free Heavy Duty Hand Treatment Corn Huskers Lotion 7 oz size.


It Moisturizes Completely

It may not sound very pampering or glamorous, but Corn Huskers lotion is one of the best beauty treats you can indulge in. More than just a basic moisturizer, this multipurpose product is a must for any medicine cabinet.

Very few moisturizers have managed to receive this type of excellent reviews from both men and women that Corn Huskers does. Not only, the moisturizer is esteemed for its basic moisturizing properties, it's also considered as a great treatment for different skin concerns.

To top it all, Corn Husker lotion isn’t just for your hands.

• With the regular use of Corn Husker lotion, your eczema symptoms on the skin are almost gone.

• For those who find other moisturizers irritating because of the Psoriasis symptoms, Corn Husker lotion has provided them with relief.

• For people having more than just run-of-the-mill dryness, Corn Huskers provides non-greasy moisture that penetrates quickly and works just as fast to heal and soothe irritated hands.

• Here's another reason to rely on Corn Huskers. Many men use the product as an after shave balm to soothe and comfort their skin.

• Since Corn Huskers is rich with glycerin, it helps in retaining water in your skin, thus diminishing your skins wrinkles and fine lines.

About Corn Huskers Lotion

Though your cabinets might be brimming with creams, ointments and lotions that promise to challenge the laws of nature and keep you young forever, possibilities are these moisturizers won't do more than keeping your skin soft and making you smell good.

What if these lotions could actually prevent your hands from cracking, keep your legs and arms soft, heal your eczema patches and even help in your intimate bedroom matters? Well, you certainly couldn't ask for more of a great personal care product. That's what makes Corn Huskers lotion such a mass favorite.

Corn Huskers Hand Treatment Heavy Duty Lotion:

• Moisturizes and Softens Dry Skin

• Delivers Fast Penetrating Action

• Soothes The Discomfort of Irritated, Chapped, Cracked Skin

• Oil Free

• Heavy Duty Hand Treatment

Its origin

Since 1919, Corn Huskers lotion has been comforting dry, rough or patchy skin. Specifically, this lotion was meant for farmers who used to husk corn and exposed to harsh weather, brittle husk crop. Their skin often took a beating.

Patchy, dry hands were hard to treat with simple lotions, but the oil-free formula of Corn Huskers lotion keeps your skin moisturized for whole day or longest hours Corn Huskers lotion. The result was an instantly successful product that has since grown to become a favorite of working men.

Store as directed away from moisture, heat, and light for a smoother usage of Corn Huskers lotion like you had on the first day. Keep the bottle, tube, or other container tightly closed when not in use.