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2-1/2" x 4 Plastic Inserted Fingerprint Ink Pad

These porelon plastic inserted ink pads are pocket-sized pad comes with a two-year supply of ink, which is impregnated in each pad (based on 75F with lid closed after use), and is excellent for use in the field or office.The thermal-impregnated fingerprint ink is non-fading and dries on-contact in seconds. Ink rises to the surface as required through capillary action of the micro reticulated thermoplastic resin. Recorded fingerprints from this pad are accepted by state and federal agencies. The Porelon Pad utilizes the multi-mount injection molded case for versatility in mounting options. Purchase Porelon plastic inserted ink pads for your fingerprinting needs!


About this item

• Nontoxic, non-smearing, permanent ink dries instantly

• After use, simply rub fingers together and ink is removed

• 1,000 or more clear, crisp imprints on any type of paper

• Protect your customers and all business transactions using fingerprint fraud deterrent

• Used by private businesses during employee background checks, governments during elections as well as by banks, law enforcement and notaries.

Quality Fingerprint Ink Pad

Thumb, Roll fingerprinting pads. Easy to clean off residual ink from each use; create permanent and classifiable black prints. Suitable for immigration, notary, employment and more...

Featuring a porelon plastic surface, ink rises to the surface of the pad quickly and prevents worn or dry spots from forming over time. Black, rich fingerprints are produced which completely meet the federal agency requirements.

This Plastic Inserted Ink Pad for fingerprints can be used on any plain paper and produce black, sharp fingerprints. Once fingerprinting is complete, wipe clean with a cloth or simply rub the fingers together to remove any remaining ink residue.

Features of our Ink Pad

• Fingerprints constantly transfer clearly and uniformly on any paper

• Ink utilizes nontoxic, pharmaceutical grade chemicals

• Fingerprints dry instantly, preventing smearing

• Adhesive backing for securing to any work surface

• Hard, porous surface won’t dry out during the life of the pad

Assured Quality & Eminence

Designed for use in commercial institutions, our 2-1/2" x 4 Plastic Inserted fingerprint pads can significantly reduce the bad check losses while ensuring the customer identity.

Fingerprint comprises of a collection of different swirling lines, each one completely unique based on the way the lines are patterned and created.

There are seven different line types that make up the different finger prints, but because the lines can start, split or stop at any point within the fingerprint, there are an infinite number of patterns that can be formed.

Our polyethylene micron plastic pad is impregnated with the permanent, fast-drying, a nontoxic, non-smearing ink that dries instantly.

Law enforcement grade ink can be easily removed by wiping your fingers with a damp paper towel, using an ink remover Towelettes, or with soap and water.

These pads are used worldwide by private industry and governments for Law Enforcement, Notaries, Elections, employee background checks and employee applications.

"For consistent good quality and number of impressions, this -1/2" x 4 Plastic Inserted fingerprint pads should remain closed when not in use.